An Experiment

I’m doing something tonight that I thought I would never do. I’m going to see National Treasure.

My friend Hillary wants to see National Treasure and I’m going with her. And you know what, I’m actually looking foward to it.

I rarely go to movies where I can just park my brain at the door and enjoy myself. I don’t buy popcorn or a soda. I don’t go to have fun (the way another person might). I go to analyze, disect and criticize a director, an actor, or a screenwriter.
But tonight, I’m going to see National Treasure, I’m going to be entertained, and if I wasn’t a college student, I would totally buy a large popcorn.

2 thoughts on “An Experiment”

  1. It had a lot of ‘suspend your disbelief in this scene’ going on but it was enjoyable for what it was, an escape.

    I still think the first movie was better but that’s almost universally true of any series.

    I did like that Riley got more screen time in this film though.

  2. You know, I really enjoyed National Treasure, it was wicked entertaining. It was exactly what you said, a great escape.

    What was also funny was I had decided to watch Gigli that week and to then see Justin Bartha in that and then National Treasure… made me laugh, a lot.

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