Live-Blogging From the SAG Awards

7:05 PM: Now is the time to enjoy the SAG Awards, since it could be the only big award show of the year.
7:21 Angelina just tripped and almost had a nip slip. I personally like being reminded that I have something in common with Angelina since I trip and have almost nip-slips all the time.

8:00 The “I’m an Actor” segment is always my favorite part of every single award show.

8:08 James Gandolfini wins. Finally.

8:10 Zac Efron. My friend squeals. It’s moments like these that make me hate going to a women’s college.

8:12 Edie Falco. “I can’t even speak”. Well, you managed to make a lovely acceptance speech.

8:19 Friend: “Who is Blair Underwood” Me: “A very hot black actor.”
8:23 The Sopranos wins Best Drama Ensemble, and rightfully so.

8:27 Marion Cotillard is stunning. Javier Bardem is hilarious and so charming.

8:36 Tina Fey. You are the best person in Hollywood.

8:40 James Marsden presents an award. My friend squeals again. She really liked Enchanted.

8:43 There’s clearly a big difference between me and my friend. She squeals for James Marsden. I squealed when Ruby Dee introudced a clip from American Gangster.

8:46 As much as I love The Office, it doesn’t make sense that it won over 30 Rock. FYI, these are my two favorite shows on TV and it really sucks that I haven’t been able to enjoy them this year.
9:00 The tribute to Charles Durning was the best tribute to actor at the SAGs I’ve ever seen. That’s probably because that annoying little girl Dakota Fanning isn’t handing out the award this year.

9:23 Mickey Rooney is the cutest thing in the world. He delivered the best speech of the night and unintentionally provided the funniest line of the night. “Ms. Latifah could not be here tonight”.
9:40 This last hour has been the night of screen icons. I love that Ruby Dee won. Does this make her a front runner for the Oscar? I don’t think so because this was voted on by the actors. But it is still a great honor for her.

9:55 Daniel Day-Lewis is so humble. And so brilliant. He delivered a better tribute to Heath Ledger than the actual SAG Awards.

10:00 Julie Christie wins and continuing the tonight’s theme of amazing speeches, she had a nice acceptance speech.

10:02 No Country For Old Men wins Best Ensemble cast. This basically cements it as the most likely Best Picture winner. Josh Brolin (finally getting some love) gave a funny speech. “The Coen Brothers are freaky little people. And we made a freaky little film. Whether you like it or not.”

And that’s all folks. See you at the Oscars (maybe)

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