Where Have All The Romantic Comedies Gone?

There was a nice article in yesterday’s New York Times about the current state of the romantic comedy.

A.O. Scott writes: […]

“the dispiriting, uninspired sameness of romantic comedy strikes me as
something of a scandal. […]

“Our parents and grandparents had Rock Hudson and Doris Day — such
delicious subtext! such amazing office furniture! — or Spencer Tracy and
Katharine Hepburn. Or Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Or Cary Grant and
Rosalind Russell. Or even, in That Touch of Mink, Cary
Grant and Doris Day. But you get the point. We have Kate Hudson and Matthew
McConaughey. […]

“Which brings me back — apologies to both; it’s nothing personal — to Mr.
McConaughey, Ms. Hudson and their photogenic ilk. They are, for sure, better
looking than the rest of us, but in their screen incarnations almost
programmatically less interesting. “

This excerpt highlights something that has always bothered me about current romantic comedies and their pairings. I don’t care that the plots are predictable; I actually sometimes enjoy how predictable they are and then seeing how the film plays with (or doesn’t) expectatations. But I hate (or strongly dislike) the actors that are chosen to play these roles because there is nothing there that sparks my interest and keeps me wanting to see an entire, predictable romantic comedy.

Anyway, that’s just one bit from the article, which you can read in its entirety here.

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