George Clooney: The Last Movie Star?

At the Academy Awards Red Carpet, Regis Philbin said to George Clooney (and I’m paraphrasing): For years everyone wanted to be Cary Grant and now everyone wants to be George Clooney.

Clooney’s response: “Well that’s because he’s dead and nobody wants to be dead.”

Ah George Clooney. I’ve loved him since his ER days. I know. It might seem like I’m too youngto be saying this but I’m being completely serious. The summer before I was in the seventh grade I refused to eat dinner with my family nearly two months so I could watch every single episode of ER. But I digress.

Debonair, handsome, and classy are just some of the words that describe George Clooney. And the comparisons to Cary Grant are inevitable. Just look at the picture.

I just think that in this time of celebrities (not stars) and media overkill, there needs to be an actor like George Clooney who is a throwback to when not only the movies but the actors and people associated with them were great as well.

The March 3 issue of Time Magazine has a great profile of George Clooney, called George Clooney: The Last Movie Star. It is a must-read for any Clooney or classic Hollywood fans. In fact, it’s just an excellent article that you should definitely check out if you have the time.

You can read it here. Enjoy :)

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