Confession: I love Gossip Girl.

For months, I tried to not get sucked into the crazy and often ridiculous lives of the Upper East Siders but I only managed to hold out until January. I blame the writer’s strike. There were no new episodes of the other shows I watch so I decided to give GG a chance. It was a good life choice and now Chuck Bass has completely won me over.

Gossip Girl is known for its clever marketing. I love how edgy the promos are, mostly because I love seeing people get worked up about this stuff. The more the media and other groups declare the ads too racy, just further proves that all press is good press.

Here are five recently released promo videos so you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

Mother Chucker:

Girl Talk:

Boy Talk:

55 MPH Club:


I love this show! In case you didn’t catch it, the second season of Gossip Girl premieres September 1.

3 thoughts on “OMFG!”

  1. OMG!! These videos make me so excited and happy! I liked the “mother chucker” and the “55 mph club” the best.
    DAMN NZ and their ridiculously slow connection! It’s going to take forever to load and watch…
    Also CW better put it up on the web again or… grrr

  2. Ok, you might have convinced me to give this another try. I watched the first season premiere but wasn’t impressed.

  3. The same thing happened to me when I watched first season premiere. I wasn’t that interested. But once you watch the rest of the season… omfg indeed! It’s so good.

    FREDDIE! I heard that they are putting the next season online. If not, there is always youtube… or I can just tape GG for you. After all, what are roommates for ;)

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