One of Those Nights

The longest summer of my life – one filled with laughter and romance, never ending drama, countless mistakes, new places, people and experiences, more than 2000 miles of driving and sheer exhaustion – is finally coming to an end.

As I pack up my Mount Everest of crap before I head back to Mount Holyoke on Monday, I can’t help but to think about everything. I’m at this strange stage in my life where I have to start thinking seriously about the future, but not so seriously that I don’t enjoy being 20 (almost).

Fortunately (and perhaps coincidentally), when I collapsed on my couch tonight and turned on the television, there just happened to be Katharine Hepburn, attempting to make Spencer Tracy breakfast in the last moments of Woman of the Year. And that was followed by The African Queen.

These movies don’t necessarily help or even solve my problems. But they certainly help me forget about something. Just for a little while.

That’s more than enough to get me through the next few days.

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