Emmy 2008: The Live Blog

10:58 – AND we’re done. And I’m going to bed. GOOD NIGHT!

10:55 – Best Drama series goes to… MAD MEN!

10:54 30 Rock Wins! Woohoo!

10:52 – Mary Tyler Moore, I love you but something off wrong with your appearance. Betty White, I love you and nothing is ever wrong with you.

10:51 – Jeff Probst wins. How anticlimatic. Well, afterall he was the first.

10:45 – The Reality Show Competition host bit was probably the best planned bit of the night.

10:42 – Tina Fey wins for 30 Rock and as expected, she delivers an amazing, amazing space.

10:41 – Brooke Shields:”Is that your hand on my ass?” “Yes, and it’s respecting you.” I love Craig Ferguson.

10:40 – Man they are really rushing this thing.

10:39 – Bryan Cranston wins for Breaking Bad!

10:38 – Why hello Kiefer.

10:28 – Glenn Close wins for Damages. If it had to be any of them (i.e. not Sally Field) I guess I’ll settle for Glenn Close.

10:27 – Whoops. Technical difficulties.

10:26 – ALEC BALDWIN WINS! Well-deserved, my friend, well-deserved.

10:25 – Okay. It’s time for Best Actor in a Comedy Series. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen. Not Charlie Sheen.

10:23 – Paul Giamatti wins the Emmy for John Adams, “I am living proof that anybody can play the president. Anybody.”

10:16 Mad Men wins for Best Writing! I love this show.

10:12 – Is Kate Walsh wearing a present?

10:09 – Don Rickles win an Emmy for Mr. Warmth. God I love him.

10:05 – And now we’re watching Entourage during the commercials.

10:03 John Adams wins. Is it coincidental that this miniseries is winning so many awards during a time when the presidential election has made for some of the best television this year?

9:59 – The world without Rickles would be like the world without cannolis. I would have let him accept my Emmy for me.

9:57 – Kathy Griffin and DON RICKLES.

9:46 – The poor guy from John Adams got cut off.

9:44 – Colbert and Stewart, together again. “What America needs is a prune.” Brilliant.

9:42 – Probst should stick Survivor.

9:36 – Snaps for Christina Applegate. And a nice round of applause to Sydney Pollack.

9:33 – You know, Martin Sheen really is the President of Hollywood.


9:19 – Lauren Conrad! GO AWAY! She looks so out of place. And that dress she designed is kind of, what’s the word, ugly.

9:18 – The Daily Show wins. “I’m looking forward to the next administration. Whoever it is.”

9:14 – The cast of Laugh-in presenting Best Variety Show. Genius.

9:10 – Me: “Why isn’t The Hills nominated for Best Reality Show Non Competition?” Liz: “Because it would be nominated for Best Drama. Duh.”

9:07 – Laura Linney wins for John Adams. “I’m thankful for the community organizers who formed our country.”

9:06 – Well that was pretty impressive. I think. I’m too tired to know what’s what anymore.

9:01 – Josh Groban. I have been waiting for this moment. I can’t decide if I’m supposed to like this or if I’m high.

8:56 – “Truth is what you get other people to believe” – Tommy Smothers. Think about it.

8:50 – Steve Martin introducing a tribute to Tommy Smothers. I’d rather have him host than any of the three buffoons and the one prop hosting this thing tonight (Bergeron is not included because I love Dancing with the Stars too much to knock him).

8:49 – Maybe the show is running late because Howie Mandel and Jeff Probst are talking too much. Seriously. It’s like The Odd Couple on drugs.

8:47 The Colbert Report wins! Finally!

8:43 – My favorite part of the Emmys is and always will be my favorite part.

8:41 – Diane Wiest wins for In Treatment. She couldn’t be there because she’s trapped with the scientologists.

8:37 – I am not looking forward to Josh Groban’s performance. Despite what the previews keep telling me.

8:30 – Ricky Gervais. Getting back his Emmy. A kind of stealing the show right from under our five lovely hosts.

8:29 – The guy with the complicated name from Damages wins. Methinks it’s an upset. Personally wanted John Slattery from Mad Men to win.

8:26 – Heidi Klum = prop. I guess that’s the true definition of supermodel.

8:19 – Jean Smart wins for Samantha Who? Unexpected (I thought Vanessa Williams would win) but not unworthy.

8:12 – Third consecutive Emmy for Jeremy Piven. And he disses the shitty opening. Amazing. But it’s time to get someone else to win. There’s no reason why Rainn Wilson, Neil Patrick Harris and Kevin Dillon shouldn’t have an Emmy too.

8:09 – Tina Fey and Amy Poehler presenting.

8:08 – And Heidi strips. Is anyone else disturbed that Tom Bergeron and William Shatner basically stripped her?

8:06 – Heidi is just standing there. Strange.

8:05 – All five hosts, all together.

8:01 – OPRAH! Housewives across America are rejoicing. Also impressive, Oprah’s cleavage. She is the best person to open the 60th (!) Primetime Emmy Awards.

8:00 – Television catchphrases. How cute. Peter Boyle tribute is the best.

7:46 – Observation: All the women nominated for Lead Actress in a Drama (except Sally Field) plays cops. Come-on Hollywood! We need to get some better female representation out there.

7:25 – Jay Manuel of America’s Next Top Model is giving us a fashion lesson. Liz: “We know what rouching is Jay! We all watch Project Runway!”

7:05 – Ricky Gervais. Hands down best interview. His response for who would play him on Extras: “I’m thinking of Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, George Clooney… no I’m thinking of Mickey Rooney”.

6:58 – Jennifer Love Hewitt. People are worried about the 90210 girls being too skinny but what we should be concerned about is J. Love. Ever since those unfortunate pictures of her appeared she went from being proud of her curves to being super skinny.

6:44 – Steve Carell. Liz: “I was a Nancy Walls fan before I was a Steve Carell fan.” You know, not a lot of people can say that which is exactly why I’m watching this with Liz.

6:41 – Kristen Chenoweth! I love that she was nominated for Quote from my Emmys watching partner in crime Liz, “She’s always working. She’s like the female Ryan Seacrest.” Me: “Except better.”

6:35 – The Emmys pre-show with non-other than that putz of the entertainment journalist Ryan Seacrest has commenced (or at least this is when I started watching). In his interview with John Krasinski of The Office, Seacrest called it “The Officina”. He’s a funny guy that Seacrest.


2 thoughts on “Emmy 2008: The Live Blog”

  1. Good times. Horray for Tina, The Pivs & Mad Men!

    8:41 – Diane Wiest wins for In Treatment. She couldn't be there because she's trapped with the scientologists.

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