Paul Newman: One of the Great Ones

Reflections on the life and career of Paul Newman

An Actor Whose Baby Blues Came in Shades of Gray – Manohla Dargis’ appraisal of Newman’s life and career

“Paul Newman always wore his fame lightly, his beauty too…He learned to use that flawless face, so we could see the complexities underneath. And later, when age had extracted its price, he learned to use time too, showing us how beauty could be beaten down and nearly used up.”

A Late Great Movie Star – In this multimedia feature, Manohla Dargis recounts Newman’s career

30 Unforgettable Roles – A photo gallery from Entertainment Weekly

Paul Newman’s Frustrating Quest at the Oscars – By Tom O’Neil, Gold Derby

Newman remembered by Hollywood’s Greats – By Scott Feinberg, The Feinberg Files

Paul Newman and Me – Coleneth Smiley Jr remembers being a camper at Newman’s The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp, Boston Herald

One night, I met Mr. Newman. He came through to hang out and join in some corny camp sing-a-longs. But “Hi, My Name is Joe” and “Kumbayah” can’t really be considered corny if “Cool Hand Luke” is bellowing out a couple of verses.

The Reluctant Star – Ty Burr, Boston Globe

A Life in film, cars and charity – Paul Harris, The Guardian

In a career studded with remarkable achievements, Newman’s greatest work of art might simply have been his ability to lead a fulfilled life outside of the glamour of being an icon.


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