The comeback of the year begins

Well, here it is. The beginning of Britney Spears much-anticipated and much-hyped comeback.

This is the music video for “Womanizer”, the first single off her latest album “Circus” (Dec. 2).

First, she looks amazing! And “Womanizer” is a catchy song. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I would rather listen to her song than watch this music video.

It’s trying too hard to sell Britney’s comeback by showing how great she looks. Why else would she be sitting naked and oiled up? The various costumes (Halloween isn’t until the 31st) aren’t edgy or even flattering; they’re stupid and above all, they objectify her. Not that Britney hasn’t been objectified before but there is something about these outlandish costumes that crosses into a new territory of ridiculous and stupidity.

Maybe I’m an idealist or just crazy. But when I first heard about Britney’s album and comeback, I got my hopes up that maybe you would see some maturation in her style. Kind of like Christina Aguilera (who I know is a “real singer”, so you can’t really compare their careers). Instead, it’s the same old Britney. She’s just not crazy anymore.

At the end of the day, I would rather watch this Britney Spears music video. There isn’t really a reason why; sometimes I just get nostalgic.

One thought on “The comeback of the year begins”

  1. Well it’s not bad, much better than I expected but then, she looks sane again so I’m not complaining too much.

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