Happy Birthday Movie Ratings!

40 years ago today, the movie rating system was born. (Woohoo?)
Dan Glickman , chairman and CEO of the Motion Picture Association of America, and Joan Graves, Chairman of the Classification and Ratings Administration, sat down in an interview with Time to discuss the rating system.
If you have ever seen This Film is Not Yet Rated then there is one question on your mind: What is the deal with the NC-17 rating?

Here’s what Joan Graves had to say when asked that very question :

You asked earlier about misunderstandings. I think this is the greatest one. We give far more initial ‘NC-17’s for violence than we ever do for sex. But what happens is, those films don’t go to the press. They just edit it until they get to the top end of ‘R.’ Anybody who gets an ‘NC-17’ for sex, though, goes immediately to the press because they love the publicity. Somehow it’s not as sexy to get it for violence. I know it’s a matter of economics. Filmmakers don’t want to limit their audiences in terms of the number of people that can buy tickets. But I’d like to see nothing more than an appealing director make a very good film that goes out with an ‘NC-17’ like Ang Lee did with Lust, Caution. Then again, that was a foreign language film, so it didn’t appeal to as many people as an English language film would.

Okay. So apparently English language films can’t be like Lust, Caution. Or does she mean just Hollywood films? I find the whole rating system quite baffling. Whenever I read about attempts to defend the system, the more it becomes one giant load of crap.
You can check out the complete interview here.

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