WALL-E for Best Picture?

Upon its release in June, audiences and critics fell in love with WALL-E, the story an adorable post-apocalyptic robot who saves the world. It has quickly become a box office hit and been celebrated as one of the best reviews movies of the year. So, the question now is: Is WALL-E good enough to be the 2009 Best Picture?

This Time Magazine article attempts to answer this very question:

WALL-E, Pixar’s lonely little post-apocalyptic robot, is quickly collecting a lot of friends. Critics have applauded the animated film all the way to a 97% Fresh rating on the movie-review website Rotten Tomatoes — the year’s best so far. Audiences have spent $128 million at the box office in WALL-E‘s first 10 days of release, placing the film seventh so far in 2008, and it is likely to climb closer to the heroes of May — Indiana Jones and Iron Man — as glowing word-of-mouth continues to drive ticket sales. Even though most of Hollywood’s Oscar contenders have yet to hit theaters, all that critical and commercial affection is leading awards watchers to ponder: Could WALL-E finally be The One?

No animated feature has done it; the only film nominated in the category was Beauty and the Beast in 1994. But then again no other animated film is quite like WALL-E. It it a poignant examination of American culture and a reminder of how one day what we know to be real will be history to someone else. WALL-E is a great movie. But as long as the animated feature category exists, no animated film will ever win best picture. Then again, anything is possible.

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