2009 Golden Globe nominations

The Golden Globe nominations were announced today. Expect for the very obvious and unexplainable absence of Milk, I’m very content with the nominees. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to see most movies this year (yet) but as long as I never have to experience this again, I’ll be a happy camper.

So onto the nominees!

Best Picture, Drama
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
The Reader
Revolutionary Road
Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire continues to, without fail, dominate the award season. I am, however, really surprised that The Reader and Revoultionary Road are both nominated; neither one has made a big splash during the critics award circus. Um. Where’s Milk? That is a HUGE omission by the HFPA. Unfortunately, I haven’t seen any of these movies (yet; that’s going to change this weekend) but Frost/Nixon is kind of my baby. I am, after all, writing a 12 page paper on the play/movie. Dave Karger of EW says that The Curious Case of Benjamin is the one to beat, and until I can make my own opinions, I’m going to have to agree…

Best Actor, Drama
Leonardo DiCaprio, Revolutionary Road
Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon
Sean Penn, Milk
Brad Pitt, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Mickey Rourke, The Wrestler

How amazing has this award season been for Mickey Rourke? As much I love Britney’s comeback, this is by far my favorite of the year. I think Langella and Penn is the performance to beat. And sadly, Clint Eastwood wasn’t nominated, but the Academy loves him, so he still has a shot to be nominated then.
Best Actress, Drama
Anne Hathaway, Rachel Getting Married
Angelina Jolie, Changeling
Kristin Scott Thomas, I’ve Loved You So Long
Meryl Streep, Doubt
Kate Winslet, Revolutionary Road

People will be so wrapped up in the Meryl vs. Kate debate that they’ll forget about Anne Hathaway.

Best Picture, Comedy/Musical
Burn After Reading
In Bruges
Mamma Mia!
Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Big hit Mamma Mia! doesn’t stand a chance to win. Which leaves Burn After Reading, Happy-Go-Lucky (which has made some noise lately), In Bruges, and Vicky Cristina Barcelona. I loved Vicky and hope it wins.

Best Actor, Comedy/Musical
Javier Bardem, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Colin Farrell, In Bruges
James Franco, Pineapple Express
Brendan Gleeson, In Bruges
Dustin Hoffman, Last Chance Harvey

I haven’t heard much about In Bruges or Last Chance Harvey and I didn’t see Pineapple Express… But Bardem did win for No Country last year and since Hoffman is all old and legendary…he’s my best guess.

Best Actress, Comedy/Musical
Rebecca Hall, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Sally Hawkins, Happy-Go-Lucky
Frances McDormand, Burn After Reading
Meryl Streep, Mamma Mia!
Emma Thompson, Last Chance Harvey

With all the Bardem-Cruz hype surrounding Vicky Cristina it’s nice to see that Rebecca Hall was nominated. But, lets not forget that the HFPA loves Meryl Streep (well, who doesn’t?).
Then again, Sally Hawkins has won a few more critics awards…

Best Supporting Actor
Tom Cruise, Tropic Thunder
Robert Downey Jr., Tropic Thunder
Ralph Fiennes, The Duchess
Philip Seymour Hoffman, Doubt
Heath Ledger, The Dark Knight

Tom Cruise? Seriously? Way to waste a nomination HFPA. No one from Milk was nominated, which is a HUGE oversight. I know that Ledger is basically guaranteed to win (how can he not?) but Josh Brolin or James Franco should have at least been nominated.

Best Supporting Actress
Amy Adams, Doubt
Penelope Cruz, Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Viola Davis, Doubt
Marisa Tomei, The Wrestler
Kate Winslet, The Reader

I’m a little disappointed that Rosemarie DeWitt wasn’t nominated for Rachel Getting Married; as much as I loved Anne Hathaway, it was her movie. I am glad that Doubt is receiving so many acting nominations. But this category should just be renamed, “Penelope Cruz.” She’s going to win. Guarantee it.

Best Director
Danny Boyle, Slumdog Millionaire
Stephen Daldry, The Reader
David Fincher, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
Ron Howard, Frost/Nixon
Sam Mendes, Revolutionary Road

While I’m not surprised that Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight) wasn’t nominated, Gus van Sant is noticeably absent. I guess the HFPA just really didn’t like Milk. I suspect that this is the one category where Slumdog Millionaire could pull off an upset,, but really, this is anyone’s category.

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