Something Different

I did something unexpected tonight; I saw Marley and Me. I know. I’ve made it very clear that I hate Jennifer Aniston and that the thought of going to see one of her movies makes me cringe.

Why? While I do love the holiday season, it is really frustrating and unbelievably stressful. But wants to sit through Four Christmases (too much Reese Witherspoon) or The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (too long) or The Tale of Desperaux (too many small children) or The Yes Man (too much Jim Carrey). Marley and Me was the best movie choice tonight.

Even though I hated every second Jennifer Aniston was on screen, the cuteness overload I experienced from that dog made seeing the movie completely worth it. Lets face it. Sometimes you just need to breathe and watch a kind of happy, very depressing movie about a dog to make yourself feel better.

I mean, isn’t that why Old Yeller is still a classic?

One thought on “Something Different”

  1. Sure is (I haven’t watched it in years though)! I can’t wait to see Marley and Me. I really loved the book too.

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