The AMPAS has lost its mind

Seriously, AMPAS? Seriously?

Oscar Plays the Guessing Game

The folks behind the 81st Academy Awards have hatched a new stunt ostensibly to lure millions of viewers to their television sets on Hollywood’s Biggest Night—keep the A-list presenters a surprise.

This very intelligent promotional campaign is all because last year’s Oscars were the lowest rated in the history of the award show. Apparently if you don’t know that Halle Berry and Jack Nicholson are presenters than you will be more inclined to tune into the show. Did it ever occur to producers Laurence Mark and Bill Condon that last years Oscars had a no viewers because Hollywood was essentially shut down by the writer’s strike?

If Slumdog Millionaire is indeed nominated for as many Oscars as I expect it will be nominated for, then the producers really do not have to worry about viewership. People want to see this movie win as many accolades as possible.

And who are they really kidding? Jack Nicholson never misses the Oscars

One thought on “The AMPAS has lost its mind”

  1. that’s very weird…

    i wonder if part of the reason is because the presenters might be different…

    with hugh jackman as host, i kind of anticipate less of the comedian and comedy actors who previously made up the award show…

    or perhaps, presentations will be done in a different way.

    have to admit, i’m intrigued.

    i don’t think this “stunt” will lure more viewers, but i’ll be intetested to see what this years award show looks like.

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