Make it stop: No More Sex and the City Please!

Unfortunately for us, there is going to be a sequel to the Sex and the City movie.

Why? What are they going to do? Big and Carrie are married so I can only think of three scenarios: One, Big will die and Carrie has to depend on the comfort of her friends; Two, Samantha will have a have a breast cancer reoccurence and she will die; or three, Carrie dies.

Hopefully it is the third scenario and they don’t turn Sex and the City into a trilogy.

While I was excited – perhaps overexcited – about the first Sex and the City movie when it was released last May, but I feel as though the series has run its coarse. Moreover, with this latest chapter of the SaTC franchise, the women’s film has officially gone seven feet under, with no hopes of resurrection.

Back in September, I wrote an article for The MH News about how women’s films have died. “The death of the woman’s film”, as I have aptly named it, is a topic that has very much been on my mind, especially after the horrible remake of The Women. Although I haven’t completely fleshed out my ideas on the topic – the article is a very rough start to my possible senior thesis topic – this Sex and the City sequel will definitely provide me with a compelling layer to my research.

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