Keira Knightley’s Controversial PSA

Have you seen Keira Knightly’s controversial anti-domestic violence PSA? Just a warning, it is pretty shocking.

I’ve watched this a few times now and I cringe every time Knightley says, “Sorry we didn’t agree to that. It wasn’t in the script.” The way the PSA subtly addresses the difference between what is reality and what is created for film is especially intriguing. It is not surprising that the advertisement has generated some controversy.

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It is very timely that this PSA would be released now, especially since the Chris Brown-Rihanna incident. Domestic violence has quickly become a much-talked about topic. Do you think it goes to far? Hardly. This PSA, which was directed by Joe Wright, is the best way to draw attention to a unpleasant topic that needs to be addressed.

3 thoughts on “Keira Knightley’s Controversial PSA”

  1. I agree. It definitely does not go too far. This reminds me of the drinking commercials I saw in NZ. They were about not only drinking and driving, but also about how people drink. They freaked me out when I first saw them.

  2. I think the add is a wake up call. I also think by the networks who have banned it are just afraid. Dommestic violance is real and takes place every day under our noses. Personally saying her add is to disturbing, it is but in the right way. It makes us see the truth. Who is going to tell the spouses of abuse victims that they can not harm thier significant other anymore because it is too shocking. No one ! This is somthing that needs to be seen. Personally people act delicate and yet they have no problem watching horor. Domestic Viloance is Real life horor.

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