A TCM Marathon

This summer I have absolutely nothing to do. Not that I’m really complaining. This is probably the last time I’ll ever get to sit around for three months and do nothing (except when the recession prevents me from getting a job post-college, but I’m thinking positively here). Although I am enjoying my unemployment/lack of internship/laziness, I am quite bored. So I’m giving myself something to; something very important to do.

I’ve decided that on July 10, I will attempt to watch 24 hours straight of TCM programming for no other reason than because I can.

Back in my youth (aka four years ago when I was in high school) I used to watch hours upon hours of TCM. I would spend so much crafting my Robert Osbourne impression that my parents didn’t believe me when I said I had friends. But once I got to college I mastered the art of the all-nighter and kind of forgot about by unnatural ability to watch eight movies a day.

So now the time has come for me to combine what I do best: watching TCM and pulling all-nighters. And you are are welcome to join in on this somewhat crazy idea. if you tune into TCM at any point during the day and want to write about what’s on, go for it and I’ll post a link on my blog. Oh yeah, I’ll be blogging/tweeting the entire time. Honestly, why else would I watch TCM for 24 hours straight?

So here’s hoping this works out!

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