Katherine Heigl: A Cautionary Tale

Katherine Heigl is busy promoting The Ugly Truth, which is already being deemed as one pretty bad romantic comedy. She appeared on The Late Show earlier in the week and discussed this movie as well as Grey’s Anatomy and her Mexican dog.

What an irritating interview.

I’m so sorry Katherine Heigl that you have to lay in a pretend coma for 17 hours a day. Imagine how rough it would be if you weren’t working at all? By the way, if she keeps up her diva antics, she probably won’t be working on Grey’s much longer.

I’m not the only person who is over Heigl and her seemingly bad attitude. This article in Newsweek, called Why is Katherine Heigl So Annoying?, tries to determine why the television star’s star has dimmed so quickly.

5 thoughts on “Katherine Heigl: A Cautionary Tale”

  1. ew. she sounds like such a snob in this interview. also, her movie looks terrible. as usual.

  2. oh dear poor KH. Oh crap now it sounds like I'm talking about the real KH. Katie Heigl is not that bad, at least I don't think so. I don't know if her film looks horrid. It's sure going to be better than 27 Dresses and it looks sort of raunchy.She's never been good at interviews though, even in her heyday. And I do hope she doesn't leave Grey's. But I can undertand your feelings C.

  3. I go back and forth on my opinions on her.

    She just needs to learn when to keep her mouth shut about things. Like did we need to know when she took herself out of Emmy contention because she felt the material on Grey's is sub par? That is such an insult to the writers and producers of the show? If she did that, then I wouldn't dislike her a much.

    I do think she needs to leave Grey's. Well I tend to think that everyone needs to leave Grey's because then that show wouldn't exist anymore, which would make me super happy ;)

  4. Okay humour. Why don't you like Grey's? When did you start watching? When did you stop? Did you ever like it? Is there any hope for it? In terms of Lost, Mad Men, Dexter, Grey's Anatomy, Damages, The Closer, The Tudors, Law & Order SVU…where does Grey's Rank?

  5. I started watching Grey's in the beginning, from the first episode. It used to be one of my favorites then slowly it started to irritate me. I just got sick of how every episode is about the romances between the doctors, how every episode has the same structure, some emo rock song playing in the background, and I find some of the female characters to be some of the most contrived and stereotypical representations of women on tv.

    I still watch it though, at first because I kept holding out that the old Grey's would return. But now I mostly watch because when I'm at school I need to watch something while I'm doing my work (it is easier for me to concentrate that way).

    I'm also a huge ER fanatic which definitely influences my opinion of Grey's. As far as a scripted medical drama, nothing compares to ER.

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