Octomom: Coming to a TV Near You

In the wake of Jon and Kate’s impending divorce, I guess TV execs have decided we need a new family to exploit.

Nadya Suleman “Octomom” has reportedly signed an agreement which would allow her 14 children to star in a reality show. Each of her children will earn $250 a day and the show is to begin filming on Sept. 1.

So would you tune in?
Also, if you haven’t seen this clip from CBS News about Octomom: The Musical, you’re missing out.

3 thoughts on “Octomom: Coming to a TV Near You”

  1. Uugh a big fat hell no. No way am I supporting this woman. Actually this is a bit too harsh, I have nothing against her, it really is her [dumb] decision. But what new could this reality show bring to the table. I definitely will not watch this.

  2. What is even more depressing is the fact that I recently saw a preview for the new episodes of "Jon and Kate Plus 8". Just sad.

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