Fall Preview: Where the Wild Things Are

Is It October Yet?

Here is a featurette about the upcoming adaptation of Where the Wild Things Are. This video features author Maurice Sendak’s opinions on the adaptation.

Sendak says: “There will be controversy about this. But the film has an entire emotional, spiritual, visual life which is as valid as the book.”

It is a great little feature that also has some unseen scenes from the film.

Where the Wild Things Are will be released October 16.

One thought on “Fall Preview: Where the Wild Things Are”

  1. Funny story: My fianceé and I had a neat moment the first time we saw this trailer. Halfway through the trailer we gave each other a look…as if to say "How awesome will this be??"

    Then in the final moment of the trailer, the date card splashed across the screen and we both let out an "Awww crap!"

    We're getting married the next day…there will be no Wild Things opening weekend for us.

    Just thought I'd share :)

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