Damn you, Slumdog Millionaire

Here is yet another reason for me to despise Slumdog Millionaire. NY Times columnist David Carr has handed over his Carpetbagger column to culture reporter Melena Ryzik. Why?

Carr told Variety that: “Last year was a really hard year. Slumdog went out front and stayed there, and I had four months to swan about nothing.” He added: “I love my fake friends. Penelope Cruz air-kissing you, even when she’s not exactly sure who you are, has to have an effect on you.”

I’m going to miss David Carr! The Carpetbagger, which returns Dec. 1, just won’t be the same. But I look forward to reading it just the same. (And, if you have haven’t read Carr’s memoir The Night of the Gun, I highly recommend it.) (And no, I don’t actually hate Slumdog Millionaire. I’m not that soulless.)

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