The Shatner Procrastination Method

Procrastination appears in the strangest forms sometimes. Right now I should be working on my thesis. I even went as far as to put all of my books into my backpack so that I could go to the library. That has yet to happen. Instead I did laundry, did work for my other classes, updated my Netflix queue and scrapbooked. Now I am updating my blog. So all in all this has been a very productive afternoon. (Is it obvious that I am dying for Thanksgiving break to come as quickly as possibe?)

You’re probably wondering what my procrastination has to do with William Shatner. Not that much except that I decided to search “William Shatner” on YouTube. I made some grand discoveries. And I am going to share them with you here. Because, the most effective way to beat my procrastination right now is to export it to all of you.

And my favorite:

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