Viva Spice, Viva Forever


Judy Craymer, the producer of Mamma Mia!, is planning a Spice Girls musical. Craymer and Spice Girls manager Simon Fuller are working together on the musical for London’s West End. The working title is Viva Forever.

Now this is a musical I would love to see. As a product of the 90s, the Spice Girls defined my childhood. I even went to see their reunion tour in 2008. This musical is great and fun way to celebrate the band, who will never ever have another world tour.


4 thoughts on “Viva Spice, Viva Forever”

  1. *sigh* Just because some of them work (read: Movin’ Out), doesn’t mean they all will (read: The Times They Are A-Changin’).

    When will the theatre community stop trying to turn every artist’s catalogue into a musical?

    1. You are very right. It’s because the theatre community is afraid to produce original productions and shows based on the Spice Girls music come with a guaranteed audience. Which is why musicals like The Drowsy Chaperone are refreshing (and one of my favorites).

      1. Good call! Of course I’m biased when it comes to “Drowsy” since its a hometown production.

        For my money, the best original production lately was SPRING AWAKENING…I’m curious to see how the film adaptation of it works out.

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