Skins (UK) Recap: Things are off to a bad start

The Skins gang has returned for another season of mayhem, debauchery and all-around good fun. Series 4 began with a moment that is going to rock the group for the remaining seven episodes. Read the recap after the jump.

Things are off to a bad start

Where we left off: Last season ended with Pandora and Thomas rekindling their relationship; Naomi and Emily (now Naomily) announcing theirs in grand style; Katie realizing that her relationship as she knew it with her twin sister had ended; JJ, Freddie, and Cook entering a race to win Effy’s affection; and Effy choosing none of them as she and the boys sailed off into the sunset.

Where we start off: Not with one of the main group, but focused on a girl later identified as Sophia. She’s getting high in a stairwell. It’s Thomas’s club night and Sophia, obviously upset and alone, walks past everyone…except Effy, who is MIA for most of the episode. Sophia then jumps to her death. In typical Skins fashion, her death is unexplained and is certainly going to rock the gang’s comfortable world.

But just how is this going to play out during the entire season? We already know that Naomi dealt her drugs before she died, and that Naomi was dealing with Cook. That doesn’t bode well for Naomily. Most pressing for this episode, however, is how Sophia’s death makes Thomas question his life in Bristol, his friends, his culture, and his faith.

Thomas returns home after the incident to find his mother and younger brother still up. His brother is sick and Thomas is faced with the responsibility of being the man of the house. It is also clear that Thomas’ mother doesn’t approve of his Bristol lifestyle or of his relationship with Pandora (“Someone please tell me where to find a virgin in this country?”)

Thomas goes to church for the first time in a long time. His mother tells him that his friends are no good for him and the minister reminds him that the church are his people, and that they will look out for him. Thomas’ sister takes to quoting Star Wars and reminds us all that “Obi Wan Kenobi is like God but with better weapons.” Although it is spell out humorously, there is the conflict: Thomas’ old life in Africa and his new life in England. Which is better for him and which will he choose?

Back at Roundview there is a new college director who is not going to stand for the gang’s bad behavior. Hilarious scene.

We also catch up with the rest of the gang, well mainly the Effy-Cook-Freddie drama. I’m not invested in this storyline and haven’t been since last season. I just want it to be wrapped up soon.

Back to Thomas. He’s obviously conflicted. He’s questioning his friendships (Cook is definitely not included in that category) and his relationship with Panda. Enter the minister’s daughter. She’s pretty, she sings, she Congolese. They go to prayer group, they sing (but not Rihanna, Beyonce or Lady Gaga), Thomas’ brother is rushed to the hospital, the doctor questions his family’s living conditions, Thomas and his mother fight, and Thomas and minister’s daughter have sex in a supplies closet. Finally, the bad British kids aren’t always having sex on this show.

There are of course reprucussions for this little incident. Pandora and JJ (I love this friendship by the way. Did you see them dancing at the club together? Hilariously adorable) come by his apartment to watch a Reese-marathon. In JJ’s words, Reese is a virgin we can believe in and therefore can cure all bad moods. But not the bomb Thomas is about to drop. He admits to sleeping with the minister’s daughter. Pandora is angry, Thomas says to her, “You did it first!” (bad defense, Thomas) and JJ is just awkwardly there.

Thomas’ life is a mess now. He is expelled from college and feels guilty for Sophia’s death. He and Cook get into a fight; Naomi admits her role in Sophia’s death. Thomas goes to the minister’s house, trying to talk to the minister’s daughter (I finally learn her name; it’s Andrea). He admits to betraying Panda and that their supply closet liason was a mistake. Thomas buys his family a new home with the bribe money from the club. Then he tries to make it right with Panda, but she isn’t going to forgive him that easily. Thomas and his family move into the home, and Thomas is just as confused and lost forever.

Also important to note is the new theme music. What do you think? I prefer the original series opening credits. This new opening is more hectic and sounds like a explosion of chimes and xylophones. I am not a fan.

What did you think of the episode? Defintiely one of the better ones with the Series 3 and 4 cast, mostly because it didn’t deal with the Effy-Cook-Freddie-Katie love square. I know everyone still misses the original gang (how can you not?) but one thing to look forward to this season is now that we kind of know these characters, the episodes might actually be enjoyable. Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

Best lines of the night:

“Everything about you is like home” – Thomas

“Obi-Wan Kenobi is like God but with better weapons.” – Thomas’s sister.

“Good. Now eat your pop tart.” – Effy. Welcome back Effy. Skins is off without you in an episode.

3 thoughts on “Skins (UK) Recap: Things are off to a bad start”

  1. Yeah I had forgotten the church girls’ name as well until I saw iton the website. Hmm, I’m worried as to how Thomas fits in the group now, and Skins in general. Now that he’s kicked out of school, and everyone knows he cheated, I’m not too sure of his future.
    Not liking the fastpaced theme song either.
    Have you seen the commercial for this thurs ep? Im hoping Naomi and Emily can work through this.

    1. Yeah, tomorrow’s ep will be interesting. Emily and Naomi’s relationship is the high point of the series right now (at least for me). I don’t want want anything messing with it but… we want good television now don’t we?

      1. Ditto on high point, Im afraid my expectations are far too high for them though, high just being a more ups than down relationship. But alas we shall what tomorrow brings. Looking forward to your next recap.

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