Skins (UK) Recap – Cook

Well, it is probably about time that I posted this recap. Sorry it is late. But can you really blame me though? It’s Cook. It is nearly impossible to find his character redeemable, which is what this episode was aimed at–reminding us that Cook can be a caring guy when he wants to be.

In episode 2, we saw Cook beat the crap out of some random kid at a party. For once, his actions have consequences and Cook is in prison. He (shockingly) pleads not guilty, is sentenced to wearing an electronic ankle monitor, and is told he must stay indoors from 7 pm to 7 am. The real punishment is where he is staying… at his mothers.

Remember Cook’s drunk and pretty pathetic father? Well Cook’s mother, Ruth, is the opposite; she is a successful artist and lives in a huge mansion. Don’t let the image fool you though. There is major drama that is about to unfold. But Cook has an adorable younger brother, who probably idolizes his big brother a little bit too much.

We’re also still dealing with the guilt Cook and Naomi feel about Sophia’s death. Naomi reveals her affair and tells him he has to deal with his guilt. These two have great chemistry and it seems like Naomi genuinely cares about Cook. But is Cook ready to admit his wrong doing? Nope. At his next meeting with the lawyer, Cook is still acting childish.

Now for the episode’s BIG shocker. Ruth’s latest work is called “All my cocks” which features the name none other than…FREDDIE McCLAIR. Ew. Fittingly, Cook flips, destroys his mother’s artwork, and bolts. The next stop on the Cook redemption train is Shanky’s, the kid he beat the crap out of last episode. Worst apology ever. Does it work? Nope. Shanky isn’t dropping the charges. Looks like Cook is going to prison.

Finally there is the much-needed confrontation with Freddie. Freds admits to hooking up with his mom. Cook accuses Freddie of stealing the one girl he ever loved. (Can someone explain to me why Effy is such a catch?) Freddie tells Cook that everything can change; he just needs to stop acting the way that he does. Meanwhile, Cook’s little bro has been emulating his idol and gets in trouble with the police. Tensions between Cook and his mom escalate, and Cook takes off with his little bro is tow. The two trash their mom’s car and Cook gives little bro weed. Someone is definitely in the running for Brother of the Year.

But it seems that Cook is beginning to see that his actions have consequences. He visits the one who gets him: Naomi. They talk, they kiss. Like I said before, these characters have great chemistry. Afterwards Cook finally opens up to Duncan about why he is so angry. Everything is on the table: Effy, Panda, Shanky… It seems that Duncan is actually caring about Cook–I still get chills thinking about the “nobody cares about Cookie” speech from last season by the way–and that Cook knows what he has to do.

Cook pleads guilty to selling MDMA to Sophia, taking the blame for Naomi. Meanwhile, Effy, Freddie, and JJ show up to support their friend. Cook’s adorable little brother comes too. I really love that kid. Between Thomas’ sister, Emily and Katie’s brother, and Cook’s brother, this season has had a slew of great one liners and moments from the gang’s little sibs.

Cook is sentenced. Is this is shocking? Not at all. But it seems that his prison sentence might be the best thing for the entire gang. What did you think of this episode? I was pleasantly surprised, mostly because I fell hard for Cook’s little brother. Got a favorite moment? I loved Cook’s mum playing guitar hero and passing out.

The next episode is all about Katie, or as she will be known as from now on, Katie “fucking” Fitch.


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