Fire up the colortinis: Craig Ferguson interviews Stephen Fry

“Sit back, fire up the colortinis, and watch the pictures as they fly through the air.” – Tom Snyder

Last night Craig Ferguson proved why he is the best late night host on television. For one night only Ferguson removed the audience and had a one-on-one interview with Stephen Fry. It’s not a revolutionary idea. As Ferguson points out in his monologue, Larry King and Charlie Rose do this every night. So why bring it to The Late Late Show? After watching the Late Night wars unfold, Ferguson wanted to bring Late Night back to its roots, so to speak.

Tom Snyder, who preceded Craig Kilborn as host of The Late Late Show, would do the show every night with no audience and just talk to people. In his monologue, Ferguson talked about the kinship with audience (who as he points out, found the show on their own) and he asks the audience to indulge him for one night.

Indulge we did. Watch the video to see pure brilliance unfold.

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