Postcards, Postcards, Postcards

I collect postcards.

About two weeks ago now I put up an installation in the student art gallery at MHC. The installation, entitled Postcards, took my extensive collection of over 1,000 postcards and put them on display. Some were framed, others were not. Some were on mobiles; others were not. Some you could read a message; others you could not.

The idea behind the installation was to examine how we think about communication and how we remember our lives. Some postcards, for instance, were sent by my grandmother to my mother. These are special to me but to other people, their significance could be lost over time. Other postcards were sent between complete strangers. I found these postcards in an antique shop, which is the last place I would ever want my collection to end up.

Some pictures:

The installation also featured a video, Postcards. I am working on uploading to YouTube. But as it is nearly 20 minutes long I am going to have to edit it down. The video was also designed for the installation space (it is mostly audio that was overheard while someone perused the postcards). For the YouTube audience, the video will have to modified.

Now that I have revealed myself as a deltiologist (postcard collector) I’m going to blog about the various postcards that make their way into my collection. I receive about one to three postcards per week. So this is the beginning of an exciting project for me.

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