Skins Recap – Final Thoughts

With just eight episodes, Series 4 of Skins has come to an end. As we say goodbye to Effy, Pandora, JJ and the gang, lets look back at the best moments from the series finale.

1. Make-ups – Naomily finally worked things out. Their relationship has been the emotional foundation of series 3 and 4. It was painful to watch their relationship teeter on the edge of bliss and disaster for so long and to see it finally come together so beautifully, so romantically was simply wonderful.

2. Pandora – After watching Pandora’s Unseen Skins webisode, I’ve realized how horribly underused Lisa Blackwell was this season. Just watch the scene of Pandora, Katie, and Effy at the hospital. Priceless.

3. Karen, J.J. and Cook dance to Kylie – Freddie is missing and no one knows where he is. So that gang gets together for an impromptu birthday celebration for Freds. They don’t realize it yet but their party is also a memorial service.

4. Cook’s revenge – Cook’s discovery of Freddie’s death in the episodes final moments gives us some closure. Much of this season has been about Cook’s redemption and his realization that he is not worthless. While the scene doesn’t give us much closure there is no character more fitting to avenge Freddie’s death than Cook.

I have to admit I was left feeling completely underwhelmed by this season’s conclusion. Unlike Series 2, this finale offered no real conclusions except us having to accept that Freddie is dead but his memory lives on in his friends ans sisters. Maybe that’s the point though? Life is open ended so a show like Skins, which changes characters every two seasons, should reflect that.

It will be interesting to see what Skins comes up with next. Series 5 and 6 will be completely fresh. No character is staying on who the series will be built around. I for one am so sick of Effy and am ready for a change. Although my life will be incomplete without Pandora.

Thoughts on the finale? What were your favorite moments? Least favorite? Are you looking forward to the next season and the new cast? Or are you done with Skins?

3 thoughts on “Skins Recap – Final Thoughts”

  1. I have very mixed, very strong feelings about the final two episodes. I’m not sure killing Freddie was in the best interests of Skins. It felt a bit disingenuous. They already killed Chris. Does somebody really have to die in each episode? And why can’t it be a Stonem?

    But it’s more than that. Symbolically, Freddie’s death negated the hopeful message of Tony’s rehabilitation. With Effy still suffering from the trauma of watching her brother nearly die, why make the nightmare real? It left me with a feeling of hopelessness that I generally don’t get from Skins, even when Chris died (the funeral scene was beautifully acted; it felt like the tragedy it was, but not gratuitously cruel).

    All that said and done, I love the thought of Cook kicking Foster’s ass. Which brings me to a point someone else made on the e4 forums: Freddie was fit. And he could have taken Foster. With one hand. Seriously, just GRAB THE BAT! Grab the bat and give the old man a good zonk, and you’re done. The kid’s a skateboarder, he has good reflexes. I don’t buy it.

    There. Now, to sleep or to study…that is the question.

  2. haha it’s late. I meant “in each season,” not “each episode.” (idk, does someone die in each episode? I’ll have to go back and watch.)

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