Only Four Days to Go, Gleeks

Glee‘s winter hiatus has been miserable. I really felt Glee‘s absence. Maybe it is because I spent part of the winter in snowy, freezing Berlin. Or maybe it is because I am typically holed up in my room writing a never-ending thesis and thinking about my impending adulthood. Somewhere in between my misery I needed a Glee-fix desperately and I know I’m not alone.

But, folks, we have almost made it! On April 13 (Tuesday!) Glee returns. These past two weeks I have been watching the trailers for the upcoming episode “Hell-O” over and over again. Basically, I’m excited and very ready for this show to come back. The casts recent performances at the White House and on Oprah just haven’t been enough.

I cannot wait.

How about you Gleeks? Are you excited for Glee to come back on the air?

3 thoughts on “Only Four Days to Go, Gleeks”

  1. This is a bit off topic, but if you like Lea Michele you should definitely try to listen to her on the Broadway Cast Recording of Spring Awakening.

    I don’t think I’m as excited as you are, but I am looking forward to Glee’s return.

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