Trailer Fix: Sex and the City 2

The extended trailer for the Sex and the City sequel is finally here. I know, you are all incredibly excited. It turns out the sequel is taking us exactly where we would expect it to. Miranda is a successful working mother, Charlotte is overrun by her kids, Samantha is getting older (there is no hiding it now) and Carrie is stuck somewhere between crazy sex and kids.

Naturally, the girls need to take a break from their New York City lives. So they head to Abu Dhabi, or as I now like to think of it, “Aladdin but with cocktails.” Again what you expect will probably happen: Charlotte gets a much needed break, Miranda is just kind of there, Samantha has a wild affair, and Carrie contemplates her relationship with Big because…Aiden’s back. Oh lord.

Watch the new trailer and tell me what you think. Are you excited for this sequel? Liza Minnelli (!) does make an appearance. Or are you just waiting for the franchise to wander off into the desert sunset?

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