Bringing Up Baby – One Crazy Day/Night

Entertainment Weekly has a new photo gallery up that looks at 15 movies that show us a lot can happen in 24 hours. Their picks range from 12 Angry Men to The Breakfast Club to Escape from New York.

I would like to add one more film to the list – Bringing Up Baby, starring Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant.

Technically, Bringing Up Baby takes place over a two to three day period. But the second Susan Vance and David Huxley begin their drive to Connecticut with Baby in tow, you know you are in for one crazy adventure. Not only does Baby go missing in the Connecticut wilderness, but everyone else ends up in jail and Susan and David fall in love. One line zingers (“I’ve got my head. I’ve lost my leopard.”) and perfectly executed prat falls make this one wild 24-ish hour adventure.

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