Stop Making Me Wish I Was In Cannes

After attending the Cannes Film Festival last May, there is no other place I would rather be next week than this year’s festival. Unfortunately, this thing called “graduation” is looming and a severe lack of money prevented me from going back. I was fine with this scenario until a few weeks ago when the official lineup was announced. That just made me want to go back even more.

Then today the American Pavilion announced its preliminary lineup of panels and discussions.

The American Pavilion

The list of panel topics and speakers (after the jump) makes me want to sell a few organs and hop on the next plane to France. Oh well, c’est la vie.

The American Pavilion’s preliminary schedule:

— May 14: “The Future of Filmmaking: How to Make and Release a Movie in Today’s Climate,” with Walker, John Sloss and Mark Ankner.

— May 15: “American Directors in Cannes,” Mitchell and Cam Archer, and “In Conversation: Gregg Araki,” with Sundance Film Festival director John Cooper.

— May 16: “Shit Year,” with Archer, Ellen Barkin, Luke Grimes, Jay Van Hoy and Lars Knudsen.

— May 17: “Women in Film: Real News and Practical Tips for Making It in the Film Industry,” with Arianna Bocco, Lynette Howell, Adele Romanski and Andrea Sperling.

— May 18: “Marketing in the Film World — From Raising Global Awareness to Creative Partnerships: How Do Brands and Artists Alike Work in the New Economy?” with Ryan Werner and Brooks Addicott and “Film Financing and Packaging: What’s Getting the Green Light? Is it the Script, Actors, the Budget? What are the Deciding Factors for Getting a Film Made?” with Stuart Ford, Robert Kessell and Michael Schaefer.

— May 19: “In Conversation: Frederick Wiseman” and “American Producers at Cannes,” with Lynette Howell, Jamie Patricof, Jay Van Hoy, Lars Knudson, Jonathan Swartz and Adele Romanski.

— May 20: “Short Films Panel,” with James Franco, Vince Joliette and Sean Durkin; “Emerging Filmmaker Showcase”; and “Blue Valentine,” with Derek Cianfrance, Howell, Alex Orlovsky, Jamie Patricof, Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams.

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