Law & Order: An Appreciation

When it was announced today that NBC would not be renewing Law & Order for a record-breaking 21st season, my first thought was “What will Sam Waterston do now?” followed by “Well, that is weird.” Considering my age (21) Law & Order has been in my life since forever and while I enjoy Law & Order: SVU, it for some reason has never appealed to me the same way that the franchise’s original series has.

Of course, I never watched Law & Order religiously. (Does anyone?) I watched it even less after Jerry Orbach died. But the show is just always on and you can always count on that. There have been countless lazy nights when I just watched hour after hour of Law & Order. I know it will still always be on in syndication. It is just strange to think that there will never be another new episode of the original series. (And I recognize the irony of me announcing that I care about Law & Order after it has been cancelled. Where was I when it mattered? Probably asleep because I had to go to school the next day.)

At the very least, Law & Order deserved a proper final season. What I love about the series finale of E.R, is that it gives closure to a long-standing and equally influential NBC show. Doesn’t Law & Order, or at least its theme music, deserve that much?

It will also be interesting to see how Law & Order: Los Angeles fares. In addition to Lennie Briscoe and Jack McCoy, New York City is the defining character in the franchise. I can’t picture this show being set anywhere else. It is probably a mistake to set this show is another city, but we will see.

Here is a great mash-up of opening credits of all the Law and Order series. You have forgetten or never realized how many actors appeared on this franchise until you watch this video:


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