Les Grossman Steals the Show

Since 2005, Tom Cruise has desperately needed to redeem his public image and he might have just done so at this year’s MTV Movie Awards. Decked out as Les Grossman, the grossly hairy and foul-mouthed movie executive from Tropic Thunder, Cruise has been making appearances in promos and the opening sequence. And then Grossman danced with J.Lo to her song “Get Right”. It was epic.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

From Ed Helms dressed as Lady Gaga to Ken Jeong’s leopard print leotard (if you can even call it), this segment stole the show. Grossman has officially become a larger-than-the-movie character who will no doubt make another appearance before the joke runs its course. Especially since it has given Cruise’s career a jolt. Except for Sandra Bullock receiving the Generation Award, this was the best moment of a show overrun by the F-bomb and Twihards.

2 thoughts on “Les Grossman Steals the Show”

  1. Les Grossman was amazing! When he told little Jayden Smith to “”Finish it!” I died laughing. Best MTV Movie Awards show in a while. You know, minus the whole Twilight situation.

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