Nine and Three-Fourths Years Later

June 12 was the last day for principal photography for the Harry Potter series…ever.

Isn’t that an odd thought? Unlike the Twilight series, which has been rushed into production and most people cannot wait to end, the now very imminent end of the Harry Potter films still seems so unlikely.

Even though I know that the films are coming to an end, I still can’t fathom a time when a Harry Potter film is not in production or about to be released. This is because the Harry Potter film franchise began in October 2000. The filming of the entire series took approximately nine and three-fourths years. I’ll take that as a sign that good things are going to come of Harry Potter, the series and its stars once Deathly Hallows is released.

3 thoughts on “Nine and Three-Fourths Years Later”

  1. I agree with you Andrew. Of the three leads, Rupert Grint is going to have the easiest time shaking off his Harry Potter persona. (What constitutes “easiest time” is, of course, open to interpretation.)

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