Poster Fix: Mad Men – Season 4

The poster art for Mad Men‘s fourth season is finally here. Although this image is less jaw dropping and powerful than last seasons promo poster, we are told so much about the upcoming season, which premieres July 25.

When we left off last season, Don Draper, Roger Sterling, Bert Cooper and Lane Pryce started their own advertising agency: Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. Several of the major characters, Joan, Pete and Peggy, join the new agency. Betty and Don begin their divorce proceedings and Henry Francis helps  Betty prepare for the divorce, joining her on the divorce.

If season three was getting to the bottom of Don Draper’s secrets (remember, Betty finally learned about his true identity) then the fourth season is about Don Draper starting over.

I’m so excited for season 4 to premiere. I have been plowing through seasons 1 and 2 in preparation for July 25. My only request is for SCDP to please bring back Sal. Your agency must need an art director!

Are you ready for television’s best show to return?

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