Trailer Fix: The Green Hornet

I feel as though I have been hearing about The Green Hornet for ages so it is almost strange that the trailer only just hit the interwebs today. What is even stranger is that the movie is not set to be released until January. (I could have sworn it was coming out earlier than that.)

The Green Hornet stars Seth Rogen as Britt Reid, a newspaper heir who starts fighting crime after his father’s death (something like that). Cameron Diaz is the sassy secretary. Christoph Waltz, who I am so ecstatic is making his mark in Hollywood after his Oscar win, is the villain.

With Michel Gondry directing, you should expect good things from this movie. But as we all know too well, trailers have a way of deceiving us.

Are you excited for The Green Hornet after seeing the trailer? I might actually give it a chance when it hits theaters January 11.

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