Postcard #6 – Portland Head Light

Here is the latest postcard I have received.

Received: Monday, June 20

Message: My Dear Joanna, We are going Parisian this morning with homemade chocolate croissants and scrambled eggs. Oh but another delicious treat was strawberries and honey on pancakes. (Improv with no syrup.) Delish! Going home for Father’s Day weekend. Should be fun. I will get to see my first horse in 2 weeks. Unfortunately my mom’s horse is not doing well. Oh did I mentioned that I am playing soccer Mo/We/Fri! It’s so fun. I missed it! xoxo Mel

A postcard like this, which is the first one I have received from Mel since I moved back home after graduation, is as great as it is simple. It says nothing of any relevance but it is nice update about her life in Orono and her family. (Although it is sad news about her mom’s horse.)

This postcard makes me look forward to the next postcard she will send.


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