The Wineries of NJ – Vol. 3

The third day of the winery tour of NJ brought us to two wineries that are completely different in style yet are equally exceptional in so many ways. This day of the adventure stands out as one of the best, in terms of location, wineries, and the wines we tasted.

Winery #7 – Unionville Vineyards – (

Unionville Vineyards

At Unionville Vineyards, located on an 88 acre farm, you can choose between their two wine series – the George and the Fox. The George series highlights early American grape varieties. The Heritage White is one. It is a perfectly dry and not too sweet white wine that is currently chilling in my refrigerator.

Winery #8 – Hopewell Valley Vineyards (

Located about 15 minutes from Unionville Vineyards is Hopewell Valley Vineyards, a winery that bring Italian winemaking to New Jersey. An example of this is Barbera, an oak aged dry red wine. (Barbera grapes are native to Piedmont, Italy.) Other highlights at Hopewell are their sweet and dessert wines, particularly the White Merlot. We already have plans to go back to this winery and enjoy another glass of White Merlot.

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