Inspiration for a Oenophile

The Winery Tour of NJ has been going wonderfully. We have been to 20 wineries thus far. Later tonight I will post Vol. 4 of the adventure. Until then, I wanted to share this glorious movie list that a friend posted on my Facebook wall – the Top 10 Movies with Wine. Unsurprisingly, the movies featured on the list will probably make you shrug your shoulders and say “Naturally.” (Cough Sideways cough).

They are: The Silence of the Lambs, The Godfather, The Princess Bride, Arsenic and Lace, French Kiss, The Big Sleep, Casablanca, A Walk in the Clouds, Notorious, and Sideways.

Of these ten movies, the only one I have not seen is French Kiss.

I realized as I was reading this list that I have not seen any of these movies (except Silence of the Lambs) in forever. Given the Merlot varieties I have tasted in the past month, I should have at least revisited Sideways for the first time since 2004.

So I have decided to rewatch and watch these 10 movies, playing close attention to most important aspect of the film – the wine.

It is safe to say that my post-college unemployment has gotten to me.

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