The Hills: Remember When?

I was pleasantly surprised when I turned on the television this morning and discovered that an all day marathon of The Hills was on MTV. It wasn’t an episode from this mostly crappy sixth season (hello Heidi 3.0). Instead I was treated to an early episode of season 1, when Lauren (who was still LC at that point) had just moved to L.A. and everything seemed glorious. Lauren began her career as an intern for Vogue magazine,  made her way through the L.A. club scene, had unfortunate relationship after unfortunate relationship, and a phenomenon was born.

I sat mesmerized. I had forgotten that at one point The Hills was a good, entertaining reality show. I never once believed that The Hills was “real” (this behind the scenes look at the show proves it) but that didn’t stop me from becoming completely engrossed by this show.

I grew up along with The Hills. Laguna Beach, the show that first introduced us to Lauren Conrad, Kristen Cavallari, Lo Bosworth, and yes, even Heidi Montag, first aired when I was still in high school. The Hills began when I started college. For people my age (those who care about the lives of twenty-somethings living in L.A.) The Hills is a defining television show – of the reality genre, of quick rises to celebrity, and of the of becoming tabloid fixation.

Of late, I’ve watched The Hills less and less. The media hype surrounding the show became bigger than the show itself and I stopped caring.

But what is strange is that I am actually going to miss The Hills once the final episode airs on Tuesday. It had its fair share of water cooler moments. When Lauren chose love instead of an internship in Paris, the “you know what you did” yelling match between Heidi and Lauren, Spencer’s beard, one of Lady Gaga’s first television appearances – it all happened on The Hills.

2 thoughts on “The Hills: Remember When?”

  1. I totally had the same experience. the show went downhill after lauren left.. but truthfully brody does know how to keep the drama going. Just enough- and then right before you’re about to hate him for his awful relationships with the girls, he reminds you that he’s cute sometimes. Great post joanna!

    1. Oh Brody. Sometimes it seems like he serves no other purpose on The Hills than to hook up with every girl in the cast. Thanks for commenting!

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