The Academy Remembers Patricia Neal

Following Oscar winner Patricia Neal’s death on Sunday, AMPAS official YouTube channel dug into their archives and posted two videos of Neal at the Academy Awards. These videos are truly remarkable gems not just for Neal but also for the presence of Gregory Peck and Bob Hope. For classic cinema nerds, you can get a sense what the Academy Awards were like in the 1960s and how the awards show has changed over the course of the last 40 years.

The first video is of Neal’s acceptance speech at the 36th Academy Awards ceremony in 1963, for her performance in Hud. Neal was not present .

The second video is off Neal presenting at the 1966 Academy Awards, just months after she suffered three cerebral aneurysms. It’s an appearance that has gone down in Oscars history lore. After receiving a standing ovation from the audience, she begins by saying “It really is wonderful, wonderful, wonderful to be back with you all.”

These are two nice and simple tributes to remember an actress with an iconic voice and screen presence. Well done.


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