Dear Mom and Dad – An Apartment for You!

Dear Mom and Dad,

It is no secret that you are sick and tired of New Jersey’s property taxes, sell your suburban home, and move back to the city. It is a shame you had to leave in the first place but two of your four pesky darling children are grateful for it.

Alas I think your search for the perfect Manhattan  is over. Might I suggest this one, a brownstone at 244 East 49th Street between Second and Third avenues? Why could I possibly want you to rent this particular brownstone?

Oh, this reason:

Katharine Hepburn lived in this brownstone from 1931 to the 1990s. I personally think that is very logical reason to rent an apartment.


Your precious fourth spawn, a huge Katharine Hepburn fan (in case you didn’t know that one already).


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