Florence + The Machine at the VMAs

Last night’s VMAs were mostly uneventful. Unless you are someone who likes rehashing events that happened over a year ago through country music. Then you waited for Taylor Swift and Kanye West to perform with bated breath.

Chelsea Handler was mostly a let down as the host. Maybe I expected too much from Handler, the first woman to host the VMAs in 16 years and the only woman currently hosting a late night show. Then again, I can almost never sit through her monologues on Chelsea Lately. (She’s a great interviewer however.)

For me, the highlight was definitely Florence + The Machine’s performance of “Dog Days are Over.” The song has exploded this summer thanks to the trailer for Eat Pray Love. If the trailer that was everywhere didn’t inspire you to check out the album Lungs, you absolutely should. Download it now. I demand it.

Last night when Florence took the stage between El Bieber and Ms. Swift, she set the bar high. Complete with a Lazy Susan, her fiery red hair and a choir, the Welsh singer wowed with her vocals and passionate stomping.

Check it out here:

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Did you have a favorite moment from the VMAs? Or did you just give up and switch over to Mad Men like me?


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