Inception – 1950s Hitchcock style!

The cynical part of me believes that this YouTube video was inevitable.

Someone has taken clips from Inception and spliced them with the audio from the trailers forRear Window, Spellbound, and Vertigo. Sure it might be cynical for me to think this, but the mock trailer that has been created is completely awesome and takes more patience than I will ever have.


4 thoughts on “Inception – 1950s Hitchcock style!”

  1. I think that’s fantastic. Thanks for sharing it.

    It also solidifies a feeling I had after seeing Inception that Christopher Nolan is very much like Alfred Hitchcock. They’re both very talented filmmakers who work within the studio system to make crowd-pleasing films that are also hits with the critics. They also both make it look easy to the point where I think a lot of people forget what superior craftsmen they are.

  2. Hello Joanna!
    That is pretty ingenious, it reminds me of the other YouTube user who does similar videos, he made one for GhostBusters with Bob Hope.
    I would like to address your attention to an Inception-themed video my film crew made as well.
    NBA star LeBron James + Inception.
    The pairing might be weird but when you see it everything fits perfectly.
    And, you do not have to be a basketball enthusiast to understand this.

  3. Adam – I agree completely. Nolan is absolutely akin to Hitchcock. Reminds me that I should rewatch Memento…

    Steve – Thanks for the link! Pretty cool!

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