Sarah Palin: Coming to a television near you!

Sarah Palin, my favorite politician-turned-woman-seeking-freedom-from-all-that-political-stuff, is coming to TLC. The trailer for Sarah Palin’s Alaska or, as I like to think of it, the greatest gift Palin has ever given mankind debuted yesterday.

I love it when public figures desperately attempt to reinvent themselves through reality television. It almost never works and provides me with an endless supply of entertainment. Palin, of course, must want to revamp her public persona and show off to the world the real, down-to-earth, mom that she is.

Are you excited for this? Because I certainly am. I cannot wait for Kate Gosselin and her brood’s appearance.

Thank you TLC for making this dreary October day a little brighter.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska premieres November 14.

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