MTV’s Skins Trailer Has Arrived

MTV has released the trailer for its version of the British teen drama, Skins. If this is the networks feeble attempt to launch and promote a new and exciting American version of Skins, then they have failed miserably. At least they have with this trailer.

In the trailer (embedded below) we are given a brief introduction to the pilot episode, premiering January 2011. The characters and the plot are exactly the same as the original pilot, which just screams boring and trite. I don’t want to see the same episode except with American accents. No, I want the same Skins-flavor but with new characters and new story lines. I want an edgy advertising campaign not something that is clearly afraid of the censors and the Parents Television Committee. Instead we have been given… this?

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Here’s hoping episode two of the U.S. Skins gives us something different, exciting, and original to enjoy.

Update: I just watched the extended sneak peek and I am still skeptical at best. The extended sneak peek aims to show off that edgy advertising I am hoping for, except because it recreates scenes from the original series, this trailer comes off as a cheap and kitschy imitation of the original series that I love so much.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Your thoughts?

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