What Should I Watch Tonight?

It is another night without cable for me. Fortunately, a solid selection of my DVDs have been transported to Boston so I finally have something to watch. But just what movie am I going to watch?

I’m having some issues deciding what movie I should watch tonight. I’ve narrowed it down to five and the best reason I can think of to watch it. Maybe you can help me out from here.

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

Why: Because once upon a time Abigail Breslin was adorable. (I also have not seen this, I think, since it was released.)

Stage Door (1937)

Why: It’s a great early Katharine Hepburn movie that also stars Lucille Ball and Ginger Rogers.

Annie Hall (1977)

Why: I watched Whatever Works this morning and I could go for a really good Woody Allen movie now.

To Have or Have Not (1944)

Why: Lauren Bacall. Bogie. This scene. Need I show you anything more?

Garden State (2004)

Why: In honor of my upcoming return to New Jersey, I should rewatch a movie that filmed in my hometown.

There you have it. Have any other suggestions that might tip the scale in one movie’s favor?

5 thoughts on “What Should I Watch Tonight?”

  1. STAGE DOOR: Why? Because it’s the best one there.
    Because Kate Hepburn is untouchable.
    Because watching a bevy of women actors having at each other is brilliant.
    And because it’s probably Ginger Rogers’ best perrfformance that everyone seems to forget.

    (I’m biased of course.)

  2. Wow. This is the fastest anyone has ever commented on my blog. Ever.

    @Encore Entertainment – I’m leaning towards “Stage Door” or “Little Miss Sunshine”.

    @steadygoing – I’m intrigued! Why no love for Garden State? Do tell!

    1. OK. So:

      1. I find it schmaltzy and overwrought. Garden State is the “It’s a Wonderful Life” of hipster emo cryfests.

      2. Natalie Portman’s character, who is patently a manic pixie dream girl and is one of those annoying two dimensional characters who only exists to Teach Dudes About the Beauty of Life.

      I’ll leave it there for now.

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