Trailer Fix: Red Riding Hood

The trailer for Catherine Hardwicke’s Red Riding Hood premiered yesterday. Did anyone else laugh at the extreme cheesiness of it? Thanks to Twilight, I don’t think I can take any movie about star-crossed lovers and supernatural beings seriously again.

Oh where to begin? The cast – Amanda Seyfriend, Gary Oldman, Virginia Madsen, and even Julie Christie – isn’t the problem. Neither is the plot. Werewolves are definitely one step above sparkly vampires. What works against Red Riding Hood is the extreme Twilight-esque qualities presented by the trailer and the poster .

Twilight is a brand. I know this. You know this. What I did not expect to happen, or maybe what I just never hoped would happen, is that it would become a never ending marketing ploy. “From the director of Twilight” really cheapens Hardwicke’s skill as a director. Remember Thirteen?

Red Riding Hood is also eerily reminding me of Twilight. And not just because the characters, the story, or the sweeping overhead pan shots of the scenery present throughout the trailer.

But because of the poster. Maybe I am seeing things. But there is something very suspicious about the promotional poster for Red Riding Hood and how the title character and her defining RED cape are centered in the poster. Just like that symbolic forbidden apple on the cover of Twilight.

I don’t think I need to spell it out for you any further than that.


3 thoughts on “Trailer Fix: Red Riding Hood”

  1. This does look terrible. And Twilighty. Although those words are practically synonymous. And it covers territory already covered by SyFy’s “Red” starring Felicia Day which premiered last month.

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