Black Swan Opens to Record Numbers

Darren Aronofsky’s Black Swan had an impressive debut weekend grossing $1,394,265 from just 18 theaters. This $77,459 per-theater-average set a new record for Fox Searchlight. IndieWIRE breaks down the weekend’s box office here.

I, for one, misjudged Black Swan‘s appeal. When my friend Ally and I ventured to Union Square to catch an afternoon screening, this is what we discovered:

Standing and staring at this screen, we weighed our options. We could either see a later screening, see The King’s Speech, or do something else entirely.

After seeing Harry Potter three times, Ally is a little maxed out on Helena Bonham Carter so we nixed see The King’s Speech. (For now. As one man, also in a similar predicament, told us, “It’s going to get a lot of nominations.”) Neither of us had the time to go to a later show so we settled for something else. Something free.

Riding aimlessly on the Staten Island Ferry? Not a bad alternative.

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